Performance and Track Record

Statistics for 2020

Development of the Total Profit

  • 446.8%

    Total Profit

  • 1.31%

    Ø Return per Trade

  • 66.7%

    Profitable Trades

  • 1.87

    Return Risk Ratio
    Return Risk Ratio

    The return risk ratio (RRR) indicates the average proportion between an expected return and the risk per trade. For example, a RRR of 2 indicates, that, for each Dollar that is being risked, there is an expected return of 2 Dollars.

  • 106

    Profitable Trades


    Unprofitable Trades

  • 138

    Long Positions


    Short Positions

  • 38

    Bitcoin Trades


    Altcoin Trades

  • New Trading-Idea on average every 2.3 days

  • Average Runtime per Trade: 14.3 days

  • Biggest Time Gap between 2 Trading-Ideas: 18.1 days

  • Highest Number of Ideas on one day: 7 on 14/11

Monthly Return

Return per Asset

(Average return per trade)

Most Profitable Assets

*Average total profit per trade

Most Profitable Trades

*Total profit during runtime


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