around the Clock

Receive ideas 24/7 and
no longer miss any trading

Your Coins,
your Control

We don't have
access to your Binance or
any other accounts.

instead of Waiting

Profit from
falling prices and maximize
your return.


Limit your risk,
not your return. Simple
and uncomplicated.

Exit Strategy

An intelligent
trailing stop-loss optimizes
your performance.


Our algorithm
constantly improves and learns
from its mistakes.

Trading around the Clock

The algorithm monitors the cryptocurrency market 24 hours, 7 days a week, nonstop. Because the analysis of the charts happen in real-time, the trading-ideas from CryptoNoah are always up to date and will appear on your dashboard without delay. If you connect your account to Telegram, you will immediately get notified when something new happens.

Your Coins, your Control

It is our service to provide you with trading-ideas – the execution is up to you. For this reason, we don't need any access data, API keys or any other information regarding your accounts from Binance or other exchanges. The decision whether to enter a trade or not lies 100% in your hands.

Shorting instead of Waiting

In a bear market you generally have two options: Stay out of the market until it goes back up, or actively trying to profit from falling prices. Even though we believe cryptocurrencies will gain in value long-term, there will be phases where shorts can be worthwhile – be it during corrections or longer downtrends. Our trading-ideas will help you, no matter which direction the market goes.

Risk Management

Most traders only look at potential returns while neglecting the risk and money-management. As a hint you often only hear: "Don't use too much of your capital". Our algorithm determines the optimal balance between risk and potential return, so you don’t have be afraid when unexpected market movements happen. With our Stack Calculator you can have your stake for the particular trade calculated.

Dynamic Exit Strategy

Every trader knows the feeling of regretting the (non-)exit of a trade: If you stay in the trade, the price falls. If you exit the trade, the price rises. Sometimes it feels like the market is your declared enemy. Using CryptoNoah you can lean back and relax – our trading-ideas include exit strategies for both directions. With our provided stop-loss, take-profit and trailing stop-loss, the exit is already clear before the trade has even been entered.

Artificial Intelligence

Next to the blockchain technology, artificial intelligence is the current big thing. We have implemented some neural networks that help make the trading-ideas more profitable and robust. Going into the future we want to put more focus into further developing the A.I., to be able to analyze the market faster and more efficiently.

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