Frequently Asked Questions
Who are you and what exactly do you do?

We are CryptoNoah and we provide you with a trading assistant that adjusts to your needs. Our algorithm analyzes more than 150 cryptocurrencies from Binance and gives out specific trading-ideas to reduce your effort to an absolute minimum.

How does your algorithm work?

We use different technical indicators, some of which we developed ourselves, risk-analyzing methods and neural networks. The exact "composition" remains a secret though...  ;-)

Is profit guaranteed?

No. Even though our algorithm has generated profits in the past, there is no guarantee it will generate profits in the future. We constantly work to improve the performance of CryptoNoah, however no one can promise risk-free returns. Anyone who claims they can guarantee profits is a scammer.

Why should I use your service?

Simple economics. If the trading-ideas are profitable in the long run, your profits will exceed your expenses. While the costs for your subscription are fixed, your profits may grow exponentially.

If the algorithm is profitable, why wouldn't you simple keep it for yourself?

When sharing the trading-ideas with you while using the algorithm ourselves, we maximize our gains and simultaneously help others improving their performance.

Is there a way to try out your trading-ideas without risking any money?

You can test our service 30 days for free. The Premium subscription has no term. If you are not satisfied by our service, your membership can be cancelled at any time.

How does your Referral Program work?

Invite friends with your personal referral link and receive 5 EUR a month for every paying friend. Also, every member you invite gets a 10% discount on his subscription. For every 10 friends you invite, you will receive a free month.

How do your trading-ideas look like?
You still have unanswered questions?

CryptoNoah stands for an open community and communication. If you have further questions or need more information, simply contact us via mail, Twitter or Telegram, or chat with us directly using the chatbox (see bottom right corner).

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