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Last article from 02.06.2021

CryptoNoah – Whitepaper

How does the CryptoNoah Trading Algorithm work?

  • Author: Sascha Gleiss
  • Date: 02.06.2021

CryptoNoah is a trading algorithm for cryptocurrencies. In addition to the actual forecast, the trading-ideas contain all the necessary information regarding risk strategy and money management. This includes the stop-loss, the take-profit, the leverage, the stake as well as the trailing stop-loss. Which cryptocurrencies get analyzed? The algorithm analyzes the prices of ... Continue reading

  • Tags: Trading, Cryptocurrencies, Trading-Ideas
  • Reading time: 6 min

The Mental Game of Trading

The Problem with the Psyche

  • Author: Jonas Franke
  • Date: 18.05.2021

David is a trader by passion. For weeks he has been watching the cryptocurrency MOON, which has recently seen a fabulous price increase. He's just waiting for a setback to finally buy in, but the coin's value just keeps going up and up. After the price tripled within a short ... Continue reading

  • Tags: Trading, Psychology, Mental Biases
  • Reading time: 7 min

One Monkey always hits the Bull's Eye

Choosing the proper Trading Strategy

  • Author: Sascha Gleiss
  • Date: 21.03.2021

A few years ago, a group led by American entrepreneur Rob Arnott conducted the following experiment: 100 untrained and blindfolded monkeys, threw darts at the business pages of major daily newspapers. If one of the darts got stuck in a report or an article, the annual return of the companies ... Continue reading

  • Tags: Trading, Strategy, Exit
  • Reading time: 5 min

No Risk (Management), No Fun

Risk and money management for successful trading

  • Author: Sascha Gleiss
  • Date: 07.03.2021

What do you think is better? A high-risk trade of a completely unknown run-of-the-mill cryptocurrency with a potential return of 100% or an investment in a solid blockchain project with a potential return of 25%? Most people will intuitively tend towards the first option, but we have to be careful ... Continue reading

  • Tags: Trading, Money Management, Risk
  • Reading time: 5 min

The Three Major Pillars

Everything you need to know about trading – the rest is up to you

  • Author: Jonas Franke
  • Date: 01.03.2021

95% of all traders lose money long-term. Conversely that means only every twentieth person trades profitably. Why is that? Do most people simply have bad luck, are not intelligent enough or get advice from the wrong people? Hardly likely. Essentially, all problems in trading emerge from three ... Continue reading

  • Tags: Trading, Money Management, Psychology
  • Reading time: 6 min