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The story of CryptoNoah begins on 5th November 2018 with a WhatsApp message from Jonas: "Let's build a Trading-Algorithm. One that puts out signals."

A few weeks later the first version of the algorithm was ready. It could have been summarized with: "He tried". In the following months we were able to significantly improve the quality and the results of the algorithm. But why should we be the only ones to profit from this?

In March 2019 we decided to build a business around the algorithm. One year later, with the goal to make you a more successful trader, we founded CryptoNoah. Ever since, it has been our mission to build a transparent and customer-oriented service that is so good that even Elon Musk would use it. Since April 2020 our startup is being supported by the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia with the founders-scholarship "Gr√ľnderstipendium NRW".

After months of preparation and some delays due to Corona we finally went online on 1st January 2021. 174 members joined our community ever since.

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Our Vision

A successful business lives by the trust it receives from its users. Especially in the crypto space there are many scams and dubious businesses. A healthy portion of skepticism is rudimentary to survive as a trader. That's why we don't take your trust for granted. We want to earn it.

It is our goal to provide the most reliable service for crypto traders. That's why we value transparency, your feedback and the performance of our algorithm. In the future we are planning to offer a fully automated version of our service, to integrate a trading and crypto forum and to build a crypto academy with the goal of helping beginners and experts.

We are often asked whether we even believe in the "idea of Bitcoin". The answer is: Yes, we do! In our opinion cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology are the next step of digital evolution. In an increasingly globalized world where connectivity, data protection and autonomy are getting more and more important these projects will eventually prevail.

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Our Team

Jonas Franke Founder and CEO of CryptoNoah

I come from a small town named Wernigerode, located in the Harz mountains in Germany. Since 2016 I've been studying Intercultural Business Psychology at Hamm-Lippstadt University of Applied Sciences, where I specialized in economic psychology and its usage in the real world. I have been dealing with the financial and technological aspects of cryptocurrencies and the mental challenges of successful trading for four years now. That is why I am responsible for marketing, user experience and especailly the optimization of our trading strategy at CryptoNoah.

Don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

Sascha Gleiss Founder and CTO of CryptoNoah

Originally I come frome a small village in the center of Germany. After graduating from high school I studied physics at the Humboldt University in Berlin until 2020. When I got in touch with Bitcoin and the blockchain technology in 2017 I was immediately convinced of their enormous potential. Due to my work on various projects I got some insight in different fields like basic scientific research, software development and especially AI and machine learning. For that reason I am responsible for programming and deploying the algorithm and maintaining our web presence.

Don't hesitate to contact me at any time.

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